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Ice crusher

Ice crusher

Overview of ice crusher:

The ice crusher is a machine specially used for crushing industrial ice. But in recent years, due to the continuous improvement of production technology, ice crushers have been used in more industries and fields. For example, the food industry crushed frozen egg liquid, butter, pumpkin puree, cream, etc. There are also crushed frozen juices and fruits in the beverage industry. Crushing feed, fish paste, etc. in the aquaculture industry. The chemical industry crushes chemical raw materials, etc. There are many such things. Kinghyde can customize ice crusher products according to the needs of customers.
The material of the ice crusher is divided into carbon steel, SUS304 stainless steel and SUS316L stainless steel. The price will be different for different materials. For details, please consult the business manager of Kinghyde Company. The ice crusher can be equipped with a single-phase power supply motor or a three-phase power supply motor, depending on the power supply at the customer's site. The motor can be equipped with 2.2Kw, 3Kw, 4Kw, 5.5Kw, 7.5Kw. Kinghyde promises that all motors used are copper core coils and refusal to use aluminum core coils.


1. The product is small in size and can be moved;
2. The crushed ice roller is machined, with good balance, low jitter, and no need to hit anchor screws;
3. Crushing capacity of standard ice crusher: 6T/hour, models with more crushing capacity can be customized;
4. The machine structure is simple, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is convenient;
5. Explosion-proof motors can be configured for special industries

Applicable industry:

Industrial crushed ice, food, beverages, chemicals, medicine, fishery, aquaculture, etc. can be used.

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