15 years in water cooling system

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         Shanghai King Hyde is professional refrigeration company integrating design, manufacture and installation of water chiller in Shanghai of China more than 15 years.  Bitzer, Hanbell, Fusheng and Copeland compressor companies are our important cooperative partner.
        We have big factory covering 20000㎡ size in Shanghai. Most components are manufactured by ourself from evaporator, condenser, control system and assemble pipe system.

        We manufacture many kinds of water chiller such as screw chiller, scroll chiller and piston chiller. and can manufacture -65℃ super-low temperature water chiller, brine chiller, explosion-proof chiller, direct expansion cooling system and evaporative cooling system. 

       Our water chiller are mainly used for industrial cooling system, such as plastic extrusion, injection molding, beverage cooling, beer cooling, chemical cooling system, steel and metal processing, concrete batching plant, coal dust, dry cleaning recovery, communication equipment, constant temperature and humidity control in aircrafts, ship manufacturing and more and freshening, chilling, freezing and other industrial cooling programs.

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