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  • Commercial flake ice maker
Commercial flake ice maker

Commercial flake ice maker

Overview of commercial flake ice machines:

Small commercial flake ice machines are mostly used in hotels, supermarkets, seafood shops and other places where ice consumption is relatively small. Models with a daily production capacity of 2 tons and below are all equipped with stainless steel ice storage buckets, and the output exceeds 2 tons. If customers need ice storage buckets, please tell our pre-sales service staff when ordering.

Small commercial flake ice machines are generally air-cooled, and water-cooled systems can be customized for models with a daily output of more than 3 tons; all compressors are scroll or piston compressors.

Product features:

1. Small footprint, low power consumption, no special requirements for the installation environment;

2. Low failure rate, no need for professional supervision;

3. Simple operation, one-key start;

4. Ice can be released within one minute after starting up, no need to wait for a long time;

Standard ice storage can be configured (customers who need ice storage should specify when ordering).

Scope of application:

1. Hotel aquatic products booth, vegetable preservation, sashimi platter;

2. Supermarket seafood display, fresh fruits and vegetables, long-distance transportation;

3. Food factory food addition, raw material preservation, food pre-cooling;

4. Meat processing plant Pre-cooling, preservation, freezing and transportation of live-killed livestock and poultry.

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