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  • Container block ice maker
Container block ice maker

Container block ice maker

Overview of container block ice machine:

All the equipment of the whole block ice machine is installed in an ISO standard container, which is convenient to transport, install and move. There is no need for any pipe connection on site. It can be put into operation only by providing space, water and electricity, or it can be directly installed on a truck Above, a mobile ice making station is formed.

Both the direct cooling block ice machine and the brine block ice machine can be made into a containerized ice maker. Due to space constraints, the container block ice machine can only achieve a maximum of 10 tons.

Product Features

1. The whole is movable, suitable for making ice in the port and dock, with strong fluidity;

2. According to the different output, you can choose 20-foot/40-foot container;

3. The container can be placed directly in the open air environment, no workshop is required.

Scope of application

1. Customers who do not have a factory;

2. Short-term fishing in the port, customers who need to frequently move ice making;

3. Customers who use multiple ice fields but only need one ice machine.

Partial real shot display:

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