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  • Salt-water block ice maker
Salt-water block ice maker

Salt-water block ice maker

Overview of Brine Block Ice Machine:

Brine block ice machine is an ice making method that uses salt water as the heat exchange medium. It uses a shell and tube evaporator or a coil evaporator as a tool for heat exchange between the refrigerant and the salt water, and uses the circulation of the salt water in the salt pool to take away the temperature of the fresh water in the ice bucket, so that the fresh water is frozen. Traditional salt water block ice machines require civil salt water ponds. In recent years, King Hyde has launched an integral salt water block ice machine in response to market demand. The salt water block ice machine with a daily output of less than 20T can be used without civil salt water. The whole machine is assembled at the King Hyde factory. When the machine arrives at the customer site, all you need to do is place the ice machine, install the crane, and connect the pipe between the unit and the cooling tower.

Product features:

1. The traditional salt water heat exchange ice making process, the ice maker runs stably and the failure rate is low;

2. According to the needs of customers, we can design an ice machine suitable for the tonnage of customers' needs;

3. The ice mold can be made of galvanized sheet or stainless steel;

4. The ice making process of the machine is fully automated, and no professional person is required to hold a certificate to work;

5. The size of ice cubes can be customized at will.

Application scope:

1. Preservation and transportation of fruits and vegetables;

2. Ice sculpture, ice exhibition, setting ice;

3. Meat processing plants, live poultry slaughter plants, seafood processing;

4. Mine cooling, factory cooling;

5. Ice used in the chemical industry;

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