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Block ice maker

Block ice maker

Overview of direct cooling block ice machine:

The direct cooling block ice machine uses high-efficiency thermally conductive aluminum alloy as the evaporator. The refrigerant flows from bottom to top in the flow channel of the aluminum plate (hot extruded hollow alloy aluminum plate), and exchanges heat with the water in the aluminum plate grid, thereby allowing The water freezes. The direct cooling block ice machine is highly integrated, easy to install, easy to move, and fully meets environmental protection requirements. The condensing system of Kinghyde's direct cooling block ice machine is mainly based on evaporative cooling and air cooling, and does not use water cooling system. According to customer needs, we can also configure the machine with automatic ice pushing device.


1. Small footprint, one-time icing, saving labor and time;

2. Fully automatic ice making, ice melting and deicing process, high efficiency;

3. Modular design, convenient on-site installation, and convenient later movement;

Applicable industry:

1. When the water quality reaches the edible standard, edible ice can be produced;

2. occasions where salt water block ice cannot be used;

3. Ice for ice sculptures and ice exhibitions;

4. Meat processing plants, live poultry slaughter plants, seafood processing;

5. Mine cooling, factory cooling;

6. Ice used in the chemical industry.

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