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Flake ice maker

Flake ice maker

Overview of industrial flake ice machines:

Large-scale industrial flake ice machines are widely used in industrial production or self-built ice factories due to their high refrigeration efficiency and large ice output. In areas with sufficient water resources, it is recommended to choose a water-cooling system or an evaporative cooling system. Because the cooling effect of the air-cooling system is relatively poor, it is only suitable for use in areas where water resources are scarce.

Large industrial flake ice machines should be equipped with ice storage with cold sources. The size of the ice storage is recommended to be configured according to 1/2 of the daily output, and under special circumstances, the customer can decide by himself. Large industrial ice machines are generally used in conjunction with ice storage and ice delivery systems.

Product features:

1. High ice making efficiency;

2. The power is relatively large, and the power supply capacity needs to be determined;

3. The color man-machine interface, the operation status of the unit is clear at a glance, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient;

4. The unit can choose piston/screw compressor;

5. There is no standard ice storage, but non-standard customization is available;

Scope of application:

1. Food factory raw material preservation, food pre-cooling;

2. Meat processing plants Pre-cooling, preservation and transportation of live killed livestock and poultry;

3. Chemical plant reactor, raw material cooling, machine cooling and environment cooling;

4. Construction industry concrete pouring and cooling, concrete mixing and adding;

5. Ice factory;

6. Deep-sea fishing and seafood preservation;

7. Cool down in the mine.

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