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  • Container type water chiller
Container type water chiller

Container type water chiller

 Features of Water Cooled Screw Chiller

1, Cooling capacity: 100kw~1878kw 
2, International famous brand semi-closed twin-screw compressor, Fusheng, Hanbell, Refcomp and Bitzer, with high efficiency, low noise and long operation time.
3, SIEMENS PLC and touch screen controller in English and Chinese
4, 200D~1000D chiller has double compressors with independent cooling systems.
5, Ready to work after connected to cooling tower and chilled pipe.
6, 12.5%(start), 25%, 37.5%, 50%, 62.5%, 75%, 87.5% and 100% intelligent programme control.  
7, Unloading low pressure starting to avoid impact to power grid.
8, The leaving water can be -5℃ if using glycol water.
9, Great performance in safety protection.
10, All chillers are tested and inspected before deliverment.

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