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Air cooled box type condensing unit

Air cooled box type condensing unit
  • Air cooled box type condensing unit
Product name : Air cooled box type condensing unit
Product No. : KCP-20A
Price:  USD4000 

Product Introduction 
This series products feature box type structure with semi-hermetic compressor, that is compact and pleasant looking. They use U shape condensers and external fans, are applicable to cold display cases, cold storage rooms, ice producers etc. The applicable temperature ranges are: +5°C~+15°C, -5°C~+5°C and -20°C~-15°C. They can be used in hotels, restaurants, medicines, agricultureral, chemicals industries all other place where cold storage is needed.
Main Components
Compressor, oil heater, oil separator,vibration eliminator, filter, solenoid, pressure limitator, oil pressure protector, gas separator, condenser, liquid receiver, sight glasses, pressure switch, H/L pressure gauge.
1. Electric components were added on the basis of old XJQ series,including condensing unit, main control board, cold room temp control board and operation board. Cold room temp control board and operation board are optional.
2.Main control board can start/stop compressor by system low voltage, be suitable for super market, milk container,water chiller etc. If all optional included, system can control compressor by temp., with function of temp. and defrosting adjustment. The complete set of control system can be used for cold room directly, no extra controller required.
3.With multi protections including phase protection, phase lack, over current, too constant start of compressor, discharge temp and system high/low temp.
4.With fan speed regulator, to adjust condensing fan according to condensing temp. With operation data display function, to check operation current of compressor, discharge temp. and condensing temp.
5.With system alart function. When fault effects, the system will make alarm beep sound to remind user.
6.The operation board can show temp., setting, defrosting control, operation system data checking and coldroom temp. alarm functions. It can be installed apart from condensing units for remote control.
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